London Collection Men

London Collections: Men Attracting The Fashion Centred & Conscious

The fashion centred and conscious were out in force today to descend on the start of want’s seen as the men’s version of the women’s London Fashion Week.

iDeLIck Media was there to witness the festival of fashion people unapologetically displaying their voice and message through their choice and idea of the current fashion.

Tom with Vivian Westwood Hat
Tom explained that this is his morning ‘grab and go’ outfit and pulled together with a Vivian Westwood Hat.

Omari waring colour to bring him balance and goodwill. He was very adamant to inform us that he was not feeling a hat and though hats have become a little over done. Yet, he went on to say that he might put one on towards the end of London Collections: Men 2015.


It was onwards and venturing further into the fashion worn by attendees this years first major fashion event in London where we met-up for a chat with the Editor of ‘Blog Do Kadu’ Mr Kadu Dantas himself. Kadu was observant of the fashion of the day and ensure his fashion message was loud and clear. We put to him about his mixing and matching of tones, solid colours and pattern stitched in with a solid green Fedora. He quoted ‘This is me and what I was feeling this morning’, We thought that he was really feeling the defiance of commercial fashion and setting off with style.

Kadu Dantas
Kadu Dantas, Editor at Blog Do Kadu bathing in Style.

We are going to be around London Collections: Men and looking to bring updates on the Styles and Fashion worn.

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