Women at London Collections: Men

Women Are Included At London Collections: Men 2015

What and how people might think that London Collections: Men is all about men would be very much mistaken. iDeLick Media went on call to get a look at few of the women that are in attendance to London Collections: Men.

Our first interview was with Ami Gujral who was not only in attendance to get a quick selfie with Celebs, she was serious about her work as a Fashion Writer with the Marketing & Advertising company, Thrifty Hunter Magazine in Los Angeles, USA.

Ami Gujral

We also spoke with Writer, Jessica and the Co Editor-in-Chief from XXY Magazine, London called Tahmina Begum.

Writer, Jessica


Tahmina Begum

It was also a delight for us to see at work Karine from KayFlawless PR and Writer & Journalist from Stockholm, Sweden, Ann-Katrin Marie Berggren who is also a Trends Reporter for the Swedish Fashion Counsel.

Karina & Ann-Katrin Berggren

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