CTI Working Environments Event at Haworth

7th Annual CTI Signatures Ceramic Auction

It was a  pleasant surprise  for iDeLick Media to receive an invitation for the 7th Annual CTI Signatures Ceramic Auction held at the Haworth Showroom at 55 University Avenue, Toronto. Canada.On arriving, we were treated to a showcase of one of a kind ceramic plates painted and embellished with quotes from famous and not so famous people from around the world. The plates were painted by members of the CTI Architectural & Design Community and Students from Design faculty at Ryerson University.

The purpose of this event is to raise money for the for CTI Working Environment to provide a Benefit for students seeking a scholarship to attend Design School at the Ryerson University.

A member from the CTI Working Environment was very kind to extend an invite to iDeLick Media to participate in next year’s 8th Annual Auction. It is our guess that we’ll be producing a design of some sort for auction and very much looking forward to the experience for such a worthy cause. We will staying in contact with CTI and looking to put this generous offer to our team for the possible media coverage of this event.


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