Barbados 50th Independance

About Us

Our worldwide operation focuses on delivering quality cutting edge media production packages that are holistically solution orientated. We also fulfil our client’s need be authentically ‘Taylor-Made’ with production delivered in a timely manor. 

As an award winning company, we aim to make our company the most  attractive to work with and extend that professional connection to our clients and prospects at every opportunity and straight from the heart. 

Trevor,  Director of iDeLick Media is looking to form an alternative platform that presents to our audience a world view that is often untold. This London, UK based operation is self-funded and aims to build an entity that will catalyse social and economic evidence based requirements for our Community and Personnel. 

Property owners, Business providers, Community groups, Artists, Creators, Producers and Manufactures:  If you are interested in our assistance, do contact us.

To date, we have provided huge range of services such as,

  • Media Promotions & Engagements,
  • Media Marketing Strategies,
  • Media Product which includes
    • Media Coaching (Presenting & Hosting)
    • Film & Video Production & Programmes
    • Studio & Location Photography,
    • Moving & Still Images Editing, Retouching & Reconstruction.

Our productions are carried out by passionate people with a skill set that is world class and specific for each Brand. Because our operational structure is very flat, each operative takes pride in delivering  projects of ‘High Quality Standard’ and timely delivered.

As a business we house a large mount of creative talent that aims for continuously development of their specific craft/s.

Press Tear Sheets

We are very pleased to be published in many high street magazines, namely Vogue Paper Magazine, Elle, New African Women and DivaScribe to name a few. We have also been published numerous times in national newspapers around the world and in the UK, such as the Times and Daily Telegraph. We have also been broadcasted by the BBC, CNN and Arise.

iDeLick Media Network Production

In 2012 we launched our TV Production Unit called iDeLIck Media Network Production which aims at producing Programmes targeting an Adult  Multicultural Audiences interested in ‘Well Being, Personal Development, Cultural Affairs, Art & Crafts’.

Our goal is to continue providing “High-End Services” for businesses looking to expend and create an impact on an audience and engage people with their services and productions. We also look to engage community groups to access information and services that will enable their to live a more productive life and navigate through an ever changing global conditions and circumstances. 

Designing Unique Media Products & Services