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iDeLick Media Network Productions is the main channel used by Establishments and Startups looking raise awareness about their enterprise in the African and Carribean Diaspora. 

We are able to provide a bespoke packages to be presented across our site or on specific areas. We are very cost effective and affordable. We are also incline to work out an exchange that will ensure a win win situation. 

We even consider our productions can be sponsored or an advert can be placed on a related page or even in a productions/on a video. We also welcome your product to be featured on a show or placed in a show. We offer the opportunity for a logo to be placed on a production so people will see it during viewing. 


iDeLick Advertisement
iDeLick Advertisement

We have a multitude of offers here at iDeLick Media Network Productions using our productions skills ranging from a programme specific show around your product, event or enterprise. Some what like a mini documentary to a choreographed exhibition of your designs. 

We also carry out Youtube video filming of events and producing specific newsletters to brochures. And not forgetting that we carry out Twitter & FaceBook campaign for your production and enterprise. 

So, why not contact us here at iDeLick Media Network Productions to see how we can help you. 

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