Canon Workshop For Experts

iDeLick Media received their invite to attend the Canon Professional Services Fashion & Portrait Day over at the ProVision Studios, Hackney. The workshop hosted by Canon had two of their premier Photographers to provide a studio filled with Photographers and Videographers on the processes used for trending editorial images.


CPS Photographer

With the sessions divided into two groups, we were placed into group one that was headed up by Quentin Caffier. Quentin is a known advertising photographer based in Paris where he works with a group of other professional artists under the name of ‘Five Monkeys’. He also enjoys mixing his fashion work with contemporary art. In this session, Quentin demonstrated the use of lighting gel and emphasised the need for a team to get the best results.

After Lunch, and my, what it a wonderful selection of finger food, madeira cake and mixed fruits. We were introduced to Wedding and Conceptual Photographer Simeon Quarrie from VIVIDA UK who took us through the finer points of creating a fashion story and pushing the limits of your photography. Simeon was passionate with informing us about getting to the heart of what is unique for each client. He also gave us an insight into his work processes and the principle of his fashion photoshoots for editorial and advertisement.

Stylist: Nao

Hair Stylist: Stéphanie Nierhauve Coif Mak

Make Up Artist: Tanya Marie McGeever

Stylist Ast. Shinyu

Model: Holly

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