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Live Well With Barrie Speaking With Martin Gordon

On this week’s show of Live Well Wth Barrie is Musician and Song Writer Martin Gordon of the 1980s Pop Music Group Sparks. Martin with a particular brand of eye openning humour about the 80s, shines light on events that would never have been told by the mainstream press of that time. 

This is very much a reunion of Martin and Barrie having met on set for a Kim Appleby concert where Barrie was a Singer and Martin was a band member over 25 years ago. YouTube Link to Barrie signing: 




Live Well With Barrie Interview With Angie Le Mar

Barrie gives Multi Award Winning Comedienne and Author Angie Le Mar The Royal Treatment as he speaks to Angie about her career, disappointments and triumphs. It was also a chance for us to gain an insight into how a ‘Multi Award Winner’ thinks and approach adversity and life’s difficulties. 

Angie is better know for her Acting roles in many 1980s Comedy Shows and we are able to relive thought her stories encounters with amazing actors and fellow Comedians. This is the only the tip of this multi talented individuals life as Angie also runs her own Performance Company. More information about the Performance Company can be found on Angie’s website.  

Angie also talks about her latest book release and tells a wonderful story about it’s conception and the writing process used to complete  the book. Copies Angie’s book called ‘Full Circle‘ is available from Angie’s website at or from Amazon