Barrie Thomas, Maya Matanah and Kwame McPherson

Live Well With Barrie

Live Well With Barrie show looks to help people improve their life mentally, physically and spiritually. Barrie Thomas will be inviting to the studio people from all walks of life to take part in a conversation entertaining topics to inspire and motivate viewers.

The guests joining Barrie Thomas on the couch are Award Winning Author, Kwame McPherson and Vegan Restaurant Owner Maya Matanah.

Barrie gets into the nitty gritty of writing, getting your book published and having a purpose with Kwame. Barrie speak to Maya about the importance of managing your eating habits and the soul and spiritual side of cooking.

Maya Matanah and Kwame McPherson
Maya Matanah and Kwame McPherson

Show Notes: 
LoveGift Vegan Restaurant
108 Brockley Rise
London SE23 1NH

Author Kwame McPherson
Award Winning Author

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