Joyce Treasure

Chronicles Update With Rochelle Cobbina

It was  wonderful sunny day that was enjoyed by all who attended the Urban Art Festival in Josephine Avenue, Brixton. London on 11th & 12th July, To set the scenario if you weren’t their. The event was well attended with art lovers roaming the Avenue looking for a collector’s items of art. And, kicking back at the dinning area while drinking and socialising with the art lovers.

Artwork by Joyce Treasure
Artwork by Joyce Treasure – See Video for more details

In this episode of Chronicles Update, Rochelle speaks with the Artist Joyce Treasure about her artwork and approach to art. Last week, Rochelle spoke with Expressionist Artist Carol John as part of a five part series on Artist and their Artwork.

See programme of Chronicles Update where Rochelle speaks with Artist Joyce Treasure.

Previous Episodes: 
Chronicles Update with Rochelle speaking with Expressionist Painter Carol John. 

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