Janelle & Kwame

Chronicles With Kwame & Janelle

Another Chronicles episode with Author Kwame McPherson and Entrepreneur Janelle Raeburn informing viewers about what is on around in the Diaspora. In this episode they pay special attention to public endeavours from wonderful souls looking to make a difference in other people’s life. And we also revisited the programmes on black people in Britain featured on BBC 2.

A special focus was given to Selena Carty and her venture in bringing awareness the Black Poppy Rose. And with Community Leader Marlow Morris and the Legacy Gala.  

1. Legacy Gala for two free tickets (On 3rd December 2016)
Please name two of the Presenters that will be hosting at the Legacy Gala on 3rd December 2016 before the 29th November 2016 at 5pm. We will contact the winner with a secret reference number and leave your details on the guest list for the Legacy Gala. 

2. Competition for the best comment placed down below. We will be making the selection and announcing the winning and their prize in the next Chronicles with Kwame & Janelle. 

Legacy Gala Competition Entry Form


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