zierlich at the Jamaican high Commission

Chronicles at The Jamaican High Commission

We were invited by Paul Harrison from PK Media Ltd to the soft launch of the Zierlich International Dialysis Centre at the Jamaica High Commission hosted by Jampro’s European Regional Manager Laurence Jones. 

His Excellency Seth George Ramocan, High Commission of Jamaica to the UK gave his first official speech at this event and also give iDeLick Media an exclusive interview for our Presenter Janelle Raeburn.

‘The purpose of Zierlich was fully explained at the Launch and their call to Dialysis Patients wishing to holiday in Jamaica and looking to acquire Dialysis Care.’

Andre Nelson and Dainty Cowell – CEO and Renal Specialist Nurse from Zierlich Int. Dialysis Centre gave their speech to guests highlighting the benefits of the  Centre which is also a holiday resort for people looking for Dialysis Treatment and Care by a proficient team of Doctors

 Author Kwame McPherson was also on call for iDeLick Media Network where his caught up with ex Footballer Sol Campbell. See the video below for the show Chronicles at the Jamaican High Commission.

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