iDeLick Media Code of Conduct

For all people creating under the name iDeLick Media, they are required explicitly to follow and adhere to the ‘Terms’ set out in this document that was formed in conjunction and under invitation with other Creatives and our internal Personnel.

The purpose of this document is to service only as an Understanding and not to be deemed as a contract of any such nature. It is the intention of iDeLick Media to form a ‘Long Term’ Relationship’. It is our intention when working with other Creative and Personnel as a member of the Creative Team to carry out ‘Creative Work’.

As protection for us, we must guard, include, reward or exclude activities that will help or hinder our operation. The following are Points will call for the Operation Manager at iDeLick Media to make a decision under the following sections. Please also note that the follow Sections are guiding points on the way we expect to conduct our operation and the desired conduct that we enjoy rewarding.

  • Curtailment of the brand iDeLick Media where the name iDeLick Media is omitted and substituted with a pseudonym. Where an official activity by iDeLick Media has taken place, we will look to have the brand iDeLick Media presented to the public. Where ever possible text to be featured as follow: iDeLick Media (With the names of the individual Creatives that contributed to a Project).
  • Derogatory behaviour that brings iDeLick Media into a dispute where the person causing the infringement has not exercise their integrity. At all time we must remember that we are Professionals under the scrutiny of the Public and an Associate of iDeLIck Media. Also, It will be our mission to rebut any accusations aimed at one of our representatives that is deemed to be a smear or spin campaign used to ridicule that Representative and iDeLick Media.
  • The omission of credit for work carried out whether paid or not will be seen as an attempt to reduce our presences and seen as neglect of our valuable work.
  • iDeLick Media will make no apology for any action taken against derogatory behaviour that brings our company into disrepute and will first direct all correspondence to the person deemed to be in breach of our Code of Conduct.
  • All matters of concern will be handled internally and should not be shared with any person who is not a member of iDeLick Media.
  • We have a zero tolerance with any sort  of bullying and the offender will be instantly asked to leave our association and location forever.

iDeLick Media will aim to be as transparent with it’s financial activities in relation to the work carried out by the iDeLick Media Team. It is our intention to ensure there are no discrepancies or suspicion about any financial arrangements we have with our Personnel. We will also declare the amount of earnings with clients where the iDeLick Media Team is involved whether directly or indirectly.

It is our intention to designate to our personnel at iDeLIck Media a two-tier work system where each personnel will have a set of core skill and will be looking to develop as set of peripheral skills. We have opted for this method of operating to ensure each personnel will have the chance to grow and develop in chosen areas that ranges from:

  • Model Scouting
  • Location Scouting
  • Premises Scouting
  • Providing Creative Direction
  • Presentation in front of camera
  • Scripting
  • Styling
  • Filming
  • Photography
  • Assisting other creative
  • Internship and ‘Intern Support’

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