Copper Dust

Copper Dust – Interior Design, Art & Life Style

Episode One – Part 1 at Grand Design Live

Vanessa Agyemang, Interior Designer and Illustrator presents the first in the series called Copper Dust. The programme looks at the world of Interior Design, Art and Life Styles. Vanessa will be looking at the latest luxury brands,  trends in design, talking to designer and looking close up and personal to producers of some of the hottest products on today’s market.

Copper Dust Vanessa Agyemeng with Isobelle from Carved Wall Art
Copper Dust Vanessa Agyemeng with Isobelle from Carved Wall Art

Below is the show and images of Vanessa with Grand Design host Kevin McCloud.

In this episode Vanessa talks with Jason from Adventures in Furniture about modern and luxury design furniture. She also had a conversation about Paintings with Gallery owner Geoff Fone to discuss the works of Paul James. And for this episode Vanessa speaks with Isobelle about a very old form of artwork made by Carved Wall Art of Sussex, UK.

Ornate Gardens –

Next Week Tuesday 14th July 2015 at 7pm:
Copper Dust with Vanessa – Part 2 at Grand Design Live

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