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Copper Dust With Vanessa Agyemang

This is the third episode of Copper Dust, and for this one Vanessa was sent into the heart of the Westend London’s Piccadilly to Fortnum & Mason and then onto Heals on Tottenham Court Road for London Craft Week London 2015.

Craft Week London is very much an annual celebration that takes place for people involved with Crafting, Guilds and Handcraft/Makers of Consumer Goods. Vanessa was able to catch up with makers of various wearable accessories and observed the process and delved into a style of Screen Printing.

Show Notes:
Walpole Mentoring Scheme
Art In Action
Bailey Tomlin
Copper Dust

01. Copper Dust at Grand Design Live – Part 1
In this episode Vanessa talks with Jason from Adventures in Furniture about modern and luxury design furniture. She also had a conversation about Paintings with Gallery owner Geoff Fone to discuss the works of Paul James. And for this episode Vanessa speaks with Isobelle about a very old form of artwork made by Carved Wall Art of Sussex, UK.

02. Copper Dust at Grand Design Live – Part 2
In this episode, Nathan Garnett, Grand Design Live Show Director was able to share with Vanessa the intricacies of designing and putting together the Grand Design Live event and pointed out some major focal points. And if you are a fan of Grand Design, Vanessa can be seen in action with Designers of Lighting called Contemporary Chandelier Company and Alex an Illustrator and event card maker from Lucas Antics.

Copper Dust

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