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Travelling Wisely To East Croydon London UK

The call came to mind to look about relocating our operation and have enough room to expand. The unlikely places we carefully selected  East Croydon which came out on top. I packed a bag and off I set to East Croydon.

East Croydon

The iDeLick Media imagined helicopter was not available, so it was London transport that took me all the way in 40 minutes from central London.

East Croydon
East Croydon bus terminal and train station is 200 meters in distance to EasyHotel. Or, a two minutes walk.

After packing up work which was the day before Valentine’s Day, I had spoke with a couple of guys at the Camera Club thinking I’ll get a good response, but received and unmistaken where! I mustered up my confidence as I entered my accommodation at EasyHotel for the Valentine’s Day weekend, alone. Walking up to the reception and asking about my reservation, I enquired about the availability of a drinking glass and receive a polite ‘no. There is a bathroom with shower in you room with fresh towels and soap with loo paper. I was given a keycard and instruction to my room and informed, this is all we provide here at EastHotel. We do no frills and electricity will be extra.


For me it was about spreading out my feast of red bean soup, festival with a couple of bottles of my favourite drink, Glaceau Vitamin Water – Lemonade to wash down a large stewed chicken with rice and peas with a dry salad. All curtesy of my Caribbean food spot called Refills in Brixton. I made sure to ask Miss Cutey who fixed me up very good to heat up my food to piping hot. This ensured that when I was ready to feast, my food would be nice and ready.

East Croydon

As usual for me when I touch down in my hotel room, I stay true to myself with a shower. And what a surprise, the shower was awesome! Nice one EasyHotel. I could not stop wondering how thoughtful the design of the room was with brilliantly clean white walls with accents of orange to align the Easy brand. The delicious meal had done its job by sending me into a quibbling of ‘Emms’ and nods of satisfaction. Good old yard food… Well, with the food, the practicality of the room, my phone as a modem. It was time to get some work done before I really tested out the worth of my Dreams Mattress.

EasyHotel Shower

well, morning arrived and  I had a really good night sleep. It was time to skip over to Costa for breakfast and meet my first client. Well, that was easy and very nicely worked out meeting. I love it when a plan comes together. I could not help myself to reflect on the possibility of just taking off on an airplane and enjoy the low prices for EasyHotels, especially the one in Budapest, Hungary or Basel in Switzerland. And behold, right opposite Costa was a Flight shop. Being very close to Gatwick Airport anything seemed possible. Well, there is never no harm in dreaming as I could do with an unusual holiday that is somewhat out of the norm.

North End, Croydon

With the meeting over I  managing to put in a good days work before it was time to eat and get through this thing called Valentine’s Day, I got my self up and ventured through the main shopping strips of Croydon and hooray for me I found a ‘Brixton’ a Caribbean food shop.

Brixton Caribbean Food Shop

Today of all days being Valentines’s Day and me being a bit of a romantic, other than that, I had a really nice and productive day in East Croydon.

The Old Fox & Hounds Pub

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