Healthy Living – The DeCal Juice Option

I was contemplating on the possible amount of toxins we take into our body via process food and by other means. I’m really talking about excess carbon and fluoridation creating a calcium buildup in parts of the body,

I did a bit of research and found various food items that would address such things as removing calcium and reduce toxins from the body.


HandFul of Curly Kale
Pinch of Parsley
Quarter of a Honey Dew Melon
Four Strawberries
Handful of Black Berries
Two Teaspoons of Goji Berries
Two Teaspoons of Flaxseed
One Teaspoon of Chia Seeds
Two Teaspoons of Pumpkin Seeds
Three Teaspoons of Almonds
Three Teaspoons of Cashew Nuts
Add Coconut Water to Fill Line

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