Emmanuel Code, Urban Photographer

iDeLick Media Documentary – Emmanuel Cole

IDeLick Media travels through the photographic eye of Urban Photographer Emmanuel Cole. Emmanuel put aside playing basketball and athletics to initially join iDeLick Media as an intern to practise his passion for photography

Assisting us on Fashion Magazine Photoshoot and Fashion Shows, he pursued is calling to expand on his photography using his iPhone. It was in no time his Instagram following reach epic proportions for his images that would create an impact within his community of admirers of his work.

An so it went with Emmanuel where he was giving lectures for Apple in the stores and jetting off to other countries giving talks about Urban Photography and allowing others to journey through his eyes. One of Emmanuel’s biggest achievement to date is photographing sports stories for Adidas seeing his work on bill boards around the world.

See this video of Emmanuel talking about his humble beginnings as an Urban and Documentary Photographer.

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