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Our Vision: ‘Flexible Intern Leadership Programme’

iDeLick Media runs a Flexible Intern Leadership Programme aims at giving people a chance to enter into various aspects of the world of Fashion Media Productions, Design Arts & Crafts and Journalism Practices.

We look to provide ‘hands on experience’ allowing Interns to develop real life skills in their chosen career.

For 2015, we have implemented a range of activities in areas where we are already established and made ourselves one of the top Fashion Event companies which businesses approach for media products.

As part of our Development Policy, we offer an  Internship Programme for people under ‘The Diversity’ & ‘Equal Opportunity’ Awareness enabling a platform for potential to grow.

We would like you to note our Internship Programme has ‘Flexible’ attendance hours and is only available for a limited period. We also encourage a take up for a second Internship on another programme with iDeLick Media.

We advise readers to read our ‘Code of Conduct Policy‘ before you apply for a place on our ‘Flexible Intern Leadership Programme’.

Current Internship Programme With iDeLick Media

  • Blogger, Photographer & Videographer
  • General Production Assistant
  • General Fashion Assistant (Styling, Dressing & Hair Assistant)
  • General Photography & Film Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Stylist
  • Marketing

If you are interested in Interning with iDeLick Media, please tell us about your interest by using this form

For Enquiries, Contact
Senior Project Manager, Trevor Fogah Griffiths
Number: +44 (0)7939 278 719

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