Live Well With Barrie Special Episode With Mr Leon Herbert

In this episode of Live Well With Barrie, we are treated to a trip down memory lane and right into the heart of the fab mid 70s night club scene with Leon Herbert and Fitzroy Gaynes, London and the World top Club Scene Dancers. Fitzroy Gaynes who won the Worlds Best Club Dancer Title in 1976. 

 Well for this episode the main focus is on Leon who sheds light from the heart of the mid 70s London Dance Scene and re-lives his adventures with acquaintance Whylie Rookwood (RIP), Fitzroy Gaynes, Trevor Shakes, Travis, Des Parkes and many more.  Leon also talks about the evolution of the ‘Art Form’ Club Dancing through the mid 70s to the mid 80s where it was progressed through the genre of music played and more so by the ability of the DJ to connect with the main dancers of the time. Like the Mark Roman of early days Crackers and the DJs at Sombreros, Ronnie Scots, Munkberries and more, all told in this episode shown below.  

Barrie Thomas also covers both Leon’s current venture as a Stylist with his new Brand Mr Herbert & Co currently in it’s lift off stage having been recently launched. Leon’s profile  on IMDb and our fav at iDeLick Media Art TV is his role in Alien 3. 

While Fitzroy who was featured in a previous show and also reminisced on his adventures as a mid 70s club dancer transitioning into one of the worlds best Fitness Coaches under the brand Fit-z LifeStyle Training.

We would very much appreciate your comments, like and sharing of this article to ensure our Art Form is preserved and the people responsible are always remembered. Do view the programme below. 

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