London Fashion Week SS15 Contemplations

It was all work and hardly any play for us at iDeLick Media and it look like more of the same for the next couple of weeks as we head off in to the season for London Fashion Week.

This will mean for us a period of preparation with meeting with  bloggers, video guys and of cause the squadron of photographers. We’ll all be linking in with each other and mapping out an approach to ensure we are unique in our production. We will also be looking at contacting brands to ensure we get a fair look with the their newly designs clothes, accessories and lifestyle products. All with the friendly push for them to become the next brand that people would like to have and own.

Model Jourdon Dunn
Photography by iDeLick Media, Designs by Christopher Kane with Model Jourdon Dunn

Our focus will be on the ‘ready to wear’ products that are looking to reach the high street. We will be doing a full strategy approach where we will be checking prices are affordable. Other things we will be looking out for during LFW is costing and noting the products that won’t ‘brake the bank’ for most people aiming to brighten up their lifestyle.

We would also be taking in the many favourable people to engage with and network possibilities with a purpose.

Hats at London Fashion Week
Photography by iDeLick Media

As blogging has become one of our main focuses, we are very much aware that we could be venturing away from a main stapled activity being runway photography. One of the key activity that has been swaying our operation is due to the many enquires to use our services including our media knowledge from past experiences.

For us, scaling back to ensure we are relevant in a market place where the landscape is constantly moving away from what people would deem as the norm. It is forever more unstable in thought with the introduction of new technology and new teams of amalgamated experiences looking to get their slice of the proverbial pie. So many new things are happening and we have noticed that the key word here his ‘Current At Large Trends’, It is an approach we will be adopting and to coin a phrase which is, if you are not going forward in your niche, you might probably be going backwards. And it’s not even noticeable for you until it’s too late.

London Fashion Week official starts on 20th to 24th February 2015

For more information about London Fashion Week SS15, visit the London Fashion Week Website.

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