Live Well With Barrie featuring Natalie Robinson of Style Icon and Delroi Dyer

Live Well With Barrie

This is the second instalment of Live Well With Barrie where we aim to bring to the viewers all things about taking great care of yourself. We know that taking great care of yourself is a ever ongoing chore  and with the continuous changes of information and updates, looking after yourself can sometimes be quite difficult to manage.  As well as finding sources of information that are relevant and culturally specific.

Barrie talks with people that have experienced challenges in their life and careers. And with people who see themselves as a never ending journey to reach their chosen goal, aspirations or bliss.

The two guest we have in this episode of Live Well With Barrie are Celebrity Stylist, Writer and Blogger Natalie Robinson of Style Icon. And Delroi Dyer a Music Director, Producer and Drummer.

We would like to thank you in advance for viewing this show and hope you enjoyed it, let us your feedback, comments and even share this show with your family and friends.

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