Joyce treasure, Artist and Painter

Live Well With Barrie

It was the turn for Joyce Treasure, Reconstructionist Painter and Artist to sit the hot chair with Barrie to talk about her journey and living well as an Artist and Reconstructionist Painter.

Joyce brought with her to the studio her uptempo brand of fun and a smile that could wow anyone off their feet. Joyce also explains to Barrie who she maintains her self well being and the quarks that arises when being a painter and working in solitude.

Joyce’s interview is very focused as she reveals her world of using spiritual practices to inspire her art and talks about managing through an idea to becoming an artist and how serendipity played a roll in lifting her business.

A highly recommended view and please leave a comment about any aspect that appeals to you regarding this show or episode.

Thank you for viewing and for more information about Joyce, please do visit her website at

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