Live Well With Barrie featuring Rosemary Laryea & Sherron Mayes

Live Well With Barrie

Two incredible women join Barrie on the sofa for this episode of Live Well With Barrie Thomas. Rosemary Laryea & Sherron Mayes are in conversation about their work, life and well being. 

Both guest are mothers and held an illustrious career in  Journalism and writing. Rosemary talks about her work as a broadcaster, Presenter and a Creative Director of a theatre company called Crying Into The Wilderness.  Rosemary also talks about her experience in radio broadcasting in the Uk to name Jazz FM, Colourful Radio and currently working for Radio Four as a Continuity Announcer. 

Sherron Mayes, a prize Author talks about her winning book “Be Your Own Psychic” and her new book called Letters to a pianist launching on 19th September 2017.

Sherron’s current publication called ‘Stop The World’ available on Amazon acclaimed by the Daily Mail’s Claire Campbell – Stop The World “Poignant, compelling and absolute unputdownable”.  Checkout the ratings on Amazon, you will be pleasantly surprised. 


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