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Big Love: From The Inside Looking On

We have been involved with Fashions Finest for just over five year if not more as we have lost count and it still seems like iDeLick Media
Productions only just joined Fashions Finest the other day.

With Deborah St Louis, CEO at the helm, it was really ‘all hands on’ for this year’s Fashions Finest Event for London Fashion Week A/W2015.

It is with great please that we say iDeLick Media thoroughly enjoyed the latest instillation of Fashions Finest (Season 9) at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Holborn and it’s austere decor with and that lavish staircase which everyone would want as part of their home.

Fashions Finest CEO, Deborah St louis
Fashions Finest CEO, Deborah St louis

Yet, this year was all about the team and my, what at team we were. We have to say a big thank you to all of the photographers, videographers and bloggers that cooperated with our wishes for another stress free media area where we had to manage and make sure everyone got not just good images, but great images. The audience and supporters were also brilliant with their understanding and cooperation with the ushers.

It was also a blessing to work with a wonderful set of guys responsible for the rigging, lighting, staging and the sound system. Of course, it was our responsibility to get that lighting as close to perfection, yet we tried considering technology the way it is today. As it is with tech, light is slowly becoming a non-factor.

Creative Team
Front of House, Ricardo, Event Creative Director, Sola Oyebade, Fashions Finest CEO, Deborah St Louis, DJ, Sola, Not in Picture is Creative Director, Malaika Mwaniki.

It was like all bases were covered with backstage photography/videography sorted. General and after party photography and videography sorted and of course where I as situated at the front of house, was just routine for iDeLick Media.

Fashions Finest Creative Team
Fashions Finest CEO, Deborah St Louis with iDeLick Media, Trevor Fogah Griffiths. ‘Creating a Fashion Community’…

There are so many people to say thank you to we decided to just say thank you all for making this fashions Finest Event a memorable one.

Lewis-Duncan Weedon
Presenters Holly and Lola with Sola
Fashions Finest Presenters Holly and Lola with Sola

Best of luck to everyone that assisted us and we’ve placed a couple of images here for your interest.

George & Cherry
George & Cherry Swaby
Loyal Guest at the Fashion Shows


Bernard Connolly
Bernard Connolly, Stylist to HM Queen of England and Celebrities with iDelick Media, Trevor Fogah Griffiths

The After Party Images

CEO Deborah St Louis and one of the hardest working Fashions Finest Staff Member at the After Party.


Designer: Eva Cammarata
Designer: Eva Cammarata
Model: Danubia
Model: Danubia
Model Camilla Pagliarosi having a great time at the Fashions Finest After Party


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