ConsciousVibes Expo 2015

On Sunday 12th April 2015, we went to have a look at the ConsciousVibes Natural Hair & LifeStyle Expo held over at The City of Westminster College, Paddington London and left feeling very ethical and culturally clued up. With the natural locks,
braided hair and the many suppliers of natural hair products. We also felt well informed about natural black hair and the best management.

Natural hair

Our mission for the day was to focus on a natural hair artist Angela Plummer. But it turnout that we got more than what we bargain for. The beauty was very much concentrated on issues with black skin and the solutions that are available. One such product supplied by Marcia Makebe was a skin tag removal treatment that demonstrated positive results and a big thump up from us at iDeLick Media.

Marica Makebe
Marcia Makebe, Wart/Mole Practitioner satisfying another customer at the Natural Hair & LifeStyle Expo 2015 at The City of Westminster College. Marcia’s

View our short review video here (1min 6secs)…

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