Pratik Naik Visit to London

     “The general consensus is that Retouching is considered an art form when it’s done correctly and avoids common known pitfalls, where a touch to some is really a blow with a hammer or a washout.”  by Trevor Fogah Griffiths

I was honoured and very much like a kid in a candy shop with my invitation to meet an Artworker who I consider as my Beauty Retouching Coach/Mentor Pratik Naik from Solstice Retouch. Pratik is very much a High End Beauty Retoucher living in Texes, USA flew over to the UK and took the time out for his annual meeting with his past Students and guests at the Train To Create event with Sponsor Wacom at the Star of Bethnal Green in the Eastend of London.

Train To Create
Pratik, Mirko, Guest and Theo

The event was very much a chance to have a good chat with Pratik and as an added bonus, the outstanding photographer Bella Kotak before their workshop on the 14 & 15 March 2015. We also got engaged in a conversation about Pratik’s work on Creative Live and looked into  up-to-dated information with a High End Retoucher’s ‘Mind-Set’ and ‘Sensory Processes’. Also, not forgetting that all important jar of Amber-Nectar and then onto more socialising and more talks about Retouching and Photography.

Train To Create Event
Pratik Naik with past student Trevor Fogah Griffiths and with Bella Kotak


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