Malik Muhammad with Reasoning Sessions

Reasoning Sessions With Malik Muhammad: The Trailer

An inspirational occurrence took place at iDeLick Media on the completion of our first episode of ‘Reasoning Sessions’ with our new Host Malik Muhammad. We invite you to join us as our free thinking guests passionately share their diverse views. We also encourage you to continue the conversations wherever you are on the globe.

Our host Malik also wrote and assisted with Direction the show,

Elevate your mind, engage in the experience and enjoy! 

The show will be aired on iDeLick Media this Saturday 14th May 2016 at 8pm. I hope you can join us and support this brand new venture.

Your comments and opinions about the show are welcome. We do intend on opening a thread to share comment, discussion pieces and opinions to broaden our horizon and scoop on the issues raised in the Reasoning Sessions.


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