Reasoning Sessions With Malik Muhammad

Welcome to the first edition of Reasoning Sessions.  Another new programme from iDeLick Media Productions that is written and hosted by our new present Malik Muhammad.

Malik is a Self Empowerment Specialist who enjoys jazz, vegan cooking and quad biking. He is also the Author of ‘Empower Yourself to Succeed’.

Malik Muhammad

Malik Muhammad, Host of Reasoning Sessions

Reasoning Sessions is about creatively intelligent people sharing their authentic views, without censorship in a relaxed environment. The guest panel share views on diverse topics by offering alternative and genuinely felt opinions on a range of global issues and subjects.

Our aim is too stimulate critical thinking, reflect the value in diversity and provide a positive and enjoyable experience for a who tunes in. 

Scroll down for the show…

Chris Cameron
Chris Cameron at
Desmond Felix
Tessa Joseph at The Dispora Debating Association
Desmond Felix
Desmond Felix, Historian
Reasoning Sessions
Reasoning Sessions


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2 thoughts on “Reasoning Sessions With Malik Muhammad”

  1. After watching the video I found the debate very healthy addressing current affairs and the effects of the community which is very important. Our future children that have to grow up in this society was equally important. Then the understanding who you are and what you bring to the world had me intrigued and it left me wanting to know more. I really do salute the team and will look forward to further debates in the future.

    1. Give thanks for your creating the time to experience this episode Tyrone Davidson and your positive energy / sentiment and comments are appreciated by us as a team.Living authentically and developing the courage to share ones truth is always empowering! Keep watching and do share the link.

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