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iDeLick Media is looking to become a full house multimedia company where clients can use our services to create a content with a stylish and personalised message.

Our approach is very simple, where we focus on simplicity, outstanding communication and a pleasant and personal service that is timely.

Our website reflects very much what we do at iDeLick Media and we hope the representation of our products would give prospecting companies a good idea of our work, quality and caliber.

By the way, we built this WordPress website at iDeLick Media.

Our main focus for bespoke services are

Social Media Marketing Matters

Just have no time for social media. Don’t know what social media is all about and told it will help your business. Don’t know how to set up your social media and haven’t got a clue what it is used for. Not that good with social media and find it causes you to have an anxiety attack. Or would simply like to get better at managing your social media activities. We are here to help

With social media management being the hot topic for anyone looking to evolve their business and reaching out and optimising their connections. iDeLick Media has a programme that can assist you to get to grips and become more efficient at Social Media Management.

We can spend some time with you to set up a social media programme for a small fee. Our social media get together is a convenient meeting over coffee or at the library. All you will need is your laptop, notebook and a pen. It is that simple. The process is very sensitive to your needs and we will also consider your ability to use technology and might even be able to share a few technology tips.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with improving your social media management.



iDeLick Media is also a production company that specialise in creative video content and showcases. We are also pleased to introduce to prospecting clients to consider our approach with developing video content. In some cases, we would be able to host, develop, present and deliver content based on your event or idea.

Presentation Coaching

We also offer a range of media coaching that enables a promising presenter to shine in front of a camera. We also carryout coaching for models and most of all help people to work in front of a camera and take note of the possible voids they can fall into and be libellous.

Below is one of our iDeLick Media Trainees, April Jackson that took up our training and is now a sorted after presenter that has already worked on numerous projects: Including the National Television Programme ‘The Apprentice’.

We are also able to put together a multimedia package for customers needing consisting of many forms of visual content such as a blog site, images, video and articles.

For further information about our services, please use this form to contact us or give us a call to talk about our bespoke packages on +44 (0)7939 278 719 and ask for Trevor Fogah Griffiths, Senior Project Manager.

Media & Culture Presentation

Our top service here at iDeLick Media is our Consultancy Service based on decades of media involvement with experience provided and developed at The Office of Communications (Ofcom), Services provided to Fashions Finest and a mound of Degrees from Middlesex University in Media & Cultural Studies with Psychology and Directorship Mentoring from The Office of Telecommunications and London Guildhall University.

It would be our pleasure in helping your company to be better and we can work out a tailor made package for your company that is cost beneficial and affordable. Contact us by using the form below to find out a package for your company.

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