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I’m not quite sure if the correct name for this hat is called a Canadian Mountie hat or if there is some other grand name for it like a Fidora or a Heisenberg. But either way,  it seems to be trending on the fashion landscape around west London, UK and popularised by the Producer and Songwriter Pherelle.

iDeLick Media in Canada

This is one I found on my travels later this year on my travel to Canada in a store called ‘Big It Up‘. I’m still contemplating if this hat is really for me. Anyhow, there’s plenty of time for me to find a hat to rock at Men’s Collection, London as part of London Fashion Week in February 2015. So no despair here.

Big Up Store, Toronto

At this time of the year, there weather really takes a dramatic turn from warm sunshine to extremes that would delight any snow loving  sports enthusiast. If you’re planning to head to a city like Toronto, it still promises to entertain any tourist with their main focus on shopping.

Evans Building Downtown Yonge, Toronto

How can I explain this with out offending my fellow Toronto friends. You can move through the main areas of the city by moving around through underground pathways, like giant rat runs.

CN Tower


GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Down Town


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