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Live Well With Barrie Featuring Elayne Smith, DJ

The hilarious, stylish and woke DJ Elayne takes a turn to be Barried and shares her journey full of colour and excitement. Viewers will be warned to reframe from eating while watching this episode of Live Well With Barrie as we can not be held responsible for projectile damage. You may also be warned that a strong disposition is required as DJ Elayne’s stories will possibly split your side.

Elayne Quotes: ‘I modelled my style of music on DJ Trevor Shakes’

Barrie aims to give viewers the best of unsung ‘Shero’ and ‘Hero’ that have made a positive impact on a community. So please do leave a comment and share this episode to your friends and family to show your support. Be the change for positive programming and be the voice for your community.

Hear DJ Elayne on the Beat London 103.6FM every Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm.  

Gallery images by Ian Greave at the Camera Club.

How Music Met Style At Barrie Sharpe’s Birthday Celebration

BiG STuFF® 2015 – BS Birthday Special – Femi Fem & Barrie Sharpe
31st February 2015
at RedRum, 64 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ

Barrie Shape’s birthday party could have been a lesson for most on how to establish and keep a group of fashion conscious and Continue reading How Music Met Style At Barrie Sharpe’s Birthday Celebration