Tamika Felina Pommells Williams

In Conversation With Tamika Felina Pommells Williams

Treasure Beach Jamaica provided the ideal setting to interview Author Tamika Felina Pommells Williams about the lead up to her book Unearthing The Diamond.

Tamika went through a traumatic episode in her life that lead her through a process of self-heal and to gain faith once again in humanity. Tamika witnessed others going through her experienced to form the catalyst to righting Unearthing The Diamond.

The interview took place during Calabash in Treasure Beach Jamaica where Tamika also gave a recital of an excerpt from her book

Special thank you to Author Kwame McPherson for providing iDeLIck Media with this commission and we are also looking out to view the video of Tamika giving her recital from her book Unearthing The Diamond at Calabash.

Please share this post using the buttons below and your feedback and comment are welcomed and will support other going through such ordeals. Further information about obtaining a copy of Tamika’s book click on the following link: Unearthing The Diamond.

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