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5 Tips On Travel Photography: Capture What You Feel, Before What You See.

We often receive emails and Facebook massages requesting tips and advice on Photography. Most of the places we go, there is always someone commenting on our photography and mentioning or compering their photography to others.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

We have decided to write this blog just to give an introductory for people wishing to start their venture off into Travel Photography. By using this title, ‘Capture What You Feel, Before What You See’.


This blog is meant to dispel the many myths about travel photography and just turn off their eyes for a little while and sense what is around and allow other senses to work in favour of their photography.


1. Whenever we go travelling, one thing we never do is to carry a camera with us in the open. We just go out and allow the country to wash over us. We listen to people and attempt to get a general sense of the location, it’s people and their mannerisms. Mostly, we would go out and meet people and not tell them until a couple of hours in that we like to walk around the town.  I always try hold off from tell anyone that I like taking photos, as the next thing I’m being told about are the commonly visited sights that would always be seen on a postcard. I guess with my Travel Photography I’m looking for a new sensual experience.


2. We try to workout what colours are there and question the light. If fact, interrogate the light to the point that you will try to workout what is affecting the light. Is it pollution, defused by the sea or tall buildings. Is there reflective light or just plan old direct sunlight. Clouds also plays an important role on the final capture along with car fumes and building plumbs hosing steam. All of these can make an amazing captures.

New York 02

3. Architecture is always a fascination and a big attraction for people to see who enjoy history, construction and geometric patters. My favourite is viewing how the sunsets on the building can create different colours and feel. I also enjoy the difference between a building during the day and at night.


4. I am going to mention geometrical shapes again and the way a building can take a different form and in most cases a un-usual perspective. I just love the way a building that is a good distant from side to side can disappear into a pinpoint in the sky. Yes, I’m referring to skyscrapers.

The Newly built Peace Tower
The Newly built Peace Tower

Cityscape are alway a treat to see modern architecture massed together as the building always does something for my senses and make everything feel fresh. You can capture an image by paring through object or streets to pick out a shape that is unusual and budging trough. Sometimes a building’s windows can reveal some amazing effects.


5. It’s not always about sharpness which harks back to the idea of photography being about what you see, It’s just as much what you feel to the point that most of Travel Photography is about what if and even  about what is felt from an images. Let me remind you of a quote from a very famous Photographer called Henri Cartier-Bresson who said, ‘Sharpness is a bourgeois concept’.

New York Street

I hope this article is of assistance and if it is, please do leave a comment to state a point overlooked or to tell us about your experiences of taking images abroad.

Images are of a recent trip to New York in 2014.

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