Nellie Atelier

Touring Out and About in West London, UK

Most people around the world are very much aware about the liveliness of London in the United Kingdom. More so, owing to the Annual Notting Hill Carnival that takes place at the end of August, has also been a talking point about West London. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to look at activities that takes place during the travelling off season in the heart of West London’s Notting Hill Gate.

We really went on a bit of a cultural expedition in a way of trying to catch the city while it readied itself for the tourist season. We show glimpses of street vendors and looked at the latest trends in dining out. We where very surprised that one of the people  cooking the meals viewed their work as creating like an artist. This was a delight to hear the passion and love that went into creating a meal while taking in that good old reggae music at Boom Burger. It was such a pleasure meeting some wonderful young men who were extremely pleasant and give an outstanding waitering service. Thank you to Jonathan, Izzy and Louis.

Boom Burger
Boom Burger is at 272 Portobello Road, London, W10 5TY  United Kingdom

The fashion stop led us to a wonderful Designer store called Nellie Atelier where we caught up with mum to be of twins Mrs Sonia Pecek. Sonia was delighted to show us the Atelier’s latest designs of ladies’ garments, coats and jewellery accessories. Nellies Atelier can also be found on FaceBook under the same name. And as the old saying goes, please like and share their FaceBook Page.

Nellie Atelier
Nellie Atelier at 196 Kensington Park Road, London, W11 2ES United Kingdom

See the filming here by iDeLick Media Productions

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